Social, Competitive & Wedding Dance Lessons

Group Classes and Private Lessons

Studio Etiquette

Thank you for choosing to learn or enhance your dancing and letting us assist you on your journey.

If this is your first time with us, please know that dance is a wonderful form of expression and exercise, and we want to make sure your experience with us is a good one. Relax, enjoy and open yourself up to a wonderful experience! 

If you take classes or private lessons and find that movements are too challenging, understand that this is a normal feeling. One needs to take a class several times to acquire a certain amount of muscle memory, stamina, and strength. Individuals all work at different paces and levels.


Wear clothing that is comfortable and does not restrict movement. Think casual but neat. 

Wear shoes that allow you to glide around the dance floor. Suede or leather soles are best. If you don't have leather soled shoes, then a pair of dress shoes will probably do. 

Avoid athletic shoes, as they tend to grip the dance floor, which could damage your knees or ankles. If you are preparing for your wedding dance, wear shoes most similar to what you intend to wear for the big day. If you plan to become a serious, long-term dancer, Ballroom dance shoes are available for purchase.


Please pay attention to personal hygiene. You will be dancing very closely, sometimes with multiple partners. Strong colognes or perfumes irritate some people. Keep mints available, and use them before you start getting in close dance holds.

Studio Etiquette

Turn off or silence all cell phones.

Be prompt or arrive early; respect other students and your instructor’s time. Focus on your lesson and don’t be a disruption for others classes or lessons.

Each student must take responsibility to help create a positive atmosphere.

Do not chew gum or eat anything during class. It is dangerous as well as distracting.

Refrain from talking or visiting with others until after class is over. Students are encouraged to ask questions of the instructor. 

Individual corrections are often given in class. Remember that a correction given by a teacher is a compliment to you. It means that we see that you have the potential to do something better if you are made aware of it. It does not mean that we do not like you or what you are doing. Students are expected to be accepting and appreciative of these suggestions for personal growth and improvement. Others should listen and apply the corrections to their own work. 

If you have had a past physical injury or have any physical limitations, it is your responsibility to inform your instructor.

How often should I take lessons? As often as possible! To maximize results we recommend frequent lessons to help you retain information and enhance your progress. For example, the 5 private lessons package should be completed within 2 – 3 weeks.

Should I practice at home? Yes, repetition is the key to muscle memory and increasing your memory skills. Students are encouraged to practice at the studio during business hours at the cost of $5 per hour per student. When practicing, do so in a manner that does not interfere with other lessons or practicing that are taking place in the studio.

Do I need a partner? Partners are not required. We teach both singles and couples and encourage partners to rotate during class. Your instructor will be your partner during your private lessons.

Cancellation Policy Out of respect for your Instructors 48 hour notice is appreciated so that we have an opportunity to re-book our time. 24 hours is required to avoid forfeiting the lesson. Please call your Instructor to cancel or re-schedule your lesson.