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PROVIDE accurate and Up To Date guidance and information on syllabus and techniques for all dances in group classes and private lessons. Whether you want to learn individually or as a couple for Weddings, Social or Competitive dancing.

PROVIDE Wedding Dancesteps or choreography for the Bride/Groom 1st dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son or the Wedding Party.

PERFORMANCES & EXHIBITIONS YES we are available for Showcase Dances and Group Classes at your event or location. We love to dance and demonstrate where learning to dance can take you and the excitement and fun you can have.

VENDOR You will find us at Bridal Fairs, conferences and other events. Plan your event and call us to satisfy your dancing needs.

DANCE SHOES AND BOOTS We offer the best in Ballroom/Latin dance shoes and Country Western dance boots. Wearing the proper shoes can enhance your dance learning and dance experiences, providing maximum comfort for your feet.

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Call: Terry (316) 347-9696


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