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I was introduced in November of 2012, the weekend after my 18th birthday, to the world of dance. It started in local dance clubs and blossomed into a passion. Dancing is more than just moving feet to a rhythm, it is a message from your heart. 

I started taking lessons in February 2013 and a few months later I competed for the first time in the Country Western Dance Circuit. I competed in 5 ProAm competitions within 2 years, with Terry Cummings as my instructor and Pro.  

2013 ACDA 2nd place finish

2014 ACDA 2nd place finish

2014 ACDA WDR Champion

2014 ACDA Nationals 5th place. 

I have always wanted to be an instructor of some kind. Growing up it was an instructor in a classroom. I love the idea of getting to share information with others. I have always been able to break things down in many ways depending on the need of the person learning. I am a great listener and enjoy hearing how others view dance as well as life. I enjoy assisting others learn new things and reap enjoyment when they succeed and are all smiles. 

I became a dance instructor in January 2015 teaching private lessons and group classes at Care to Dance. I attend Care to Dance events always excited to work with instructors and students that share a similar desire to dance. My passion for dance and learning drives me to continue competing in the Country Dance Circuit along with the Ballroom and Swing Circuit. 

I look forward to not only learning more as an instructor myself, but also aiding others in finding the ability to communicate through dance as well as find the passion that awaits. My view of dance is something I want to share and see spread not only to those who I teach but to anyone who I come in contact with. 

It is the Magic that I see spread from one smiling face to another that keeps me dancing. Not only do I feel a thrill from dancing but those watching or even dancing next to me can see and feel it as well. Dance is more than just feet doing patterns and interacting with my partner. Dance is like magic!  

I look forward to seeing you out on the dance floor having the time of your life!!! 

My Dance quote:

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step of the way.